Monmark is a Franco-American disambiguation for literally Making Your MarkMon = French for My, and Mark = English for Your Imprint on The World.   As such, Monmark Agency, helps you – the client – make your mark in your industry.  We help refine and develop your mark with nimble and sustainably profitable business outcomes. While we focus on market sectors of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, we come with a wealth of complementing industries in Film, Television, Art, Technology (Blockchain & DLT uses in Automotive, Transportation, Infrastructure, Urbanism, Banking & Medicine), Environment & Sustainability, Space & Marine Science, and Non-Profits and Philanthropy.

Launched by principal Mona Telega, Monmark devises and minutely implements a strategy of consistent renewal, attuned to the only constant: change.  People, markets, moods, tastes and partners do change.  Monmark ingeniously helps adapt your marketing to this fact of life, empathically sure-footed.

We provide a data-informed all-encompassing approach to a cohesive marketing plan with our services: Marketing, Branding, Communication (Social Media, E-Newsletters, Press & Public Relations), Business Development (Sales Funnel, E-Commerce, CRM Administration & Management, RFPs, RFQs, Proposals & Presentations), Trade Marketing (Signage, Collateral, Promo Materials, Gifting), Events (Producing, Management), Print Publishing (Books, Booklets, Zines and Newsletters) & More…

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Mona TelegaMona Telega is a Romanian-native who has flourished into a marketing and client development executive over a two-decade career, at first in Hollywood, working on global marketing campaigns at film and television studios and, later for the design community and Los Angeles industries.  She is a multi-lingual relationship-builder, a respected business leader that is knowledgeable, resourceful, and mostly a humble team mate, acting with integrity and undeterred optimism.

Committed to a sustainable, livable tomorrow Monmark’s principal has led the Committee on the Environment (COTE) of the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles Chapter, from 2015 to 2017.  Here, she developed programming about grey-water reuse, the importance of trees in under-served communities, green restoration of the iconic Natural History Museum, new eco design in educational institutions and refreshers on the new residential and mixed-use, multi-family building codes, complete with the launch of online COTE resource library (aka The Green Shelf) and the launch of COTE LA Awards, celebrating the sustainability in design, building and living.


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